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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

5 random things

well ally, i accept your tag.

ladies and gentlemen, i'm pleased to present my 5 random things.

1. i'm the only person i know (children included) that can't curl their tongue. my entire family can, but not me. it's quite frustrating. so, i'm forever on the lookout for another person who can't either.

2. for as long as i can remember, i've loved to dance. i dance whenever, wherever. i dreamed of being a member of a major company, hubbard street dance company in chicago, the joffrey ballet, or twyla tharp's company. i've been out of dance for six or seven years now but am planning to jump right back in next chance i get.

3. i have this weird habit of eating things raw that i can't quite explain. things like potatoes, pasta, veggies, frozen pizza rolls, etc. my mom used to find stashes of macaroni'n'cheese boxes in my bedroom when i was younger.

4. i am obsessed with movies. i am, as of yet, undefeated at the game "scene it". i have a tendency to drive people nuts when they watch things with me because i usually will talk through at least half the movie, especially if i've seen it before. i like to watch the extras on dvds and listen to commentary to learn about all the behind-the-scenes stuff. i recently signed up with netflix, so now i can watch all kinds of tv shows on dvd too. my favorite shows right now are "friends", "futurama", and "felicity" (pattern in titles not intentional).

5. i think i have more nicknames than anyone i know. miss kate, katey, katey kat, kater, kater tater, kater tot, spud, critura, crit, toad, lippy, monkey, plucky, kiddo, squeaky, zippy, spaz, and katherine (which only my cousin heather calls me). it's kinda scary. you'd almost think i had multiple personalities or something.

well, that's it. my 5 random things. hope you enjoyed them. i'll write more tomorrow. i've got lots to talk about.


  • Fun fun. I've wanted to watch Felicity forever. I know I'd love it, but just haven't quite been able to get around to it. Ah well.

    By Blogger Allyson, at 4:09 PM  

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