K is for Kiddo

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

i asplode!!!

work yesterday had to be one of the craziest i've had in a while. they started with my boss blowing up our new crockpot. the cook had put the day's soup in the crockpot liner with a stock pot lid on it in the fridge. not realizing that it wasn't a stock pot, my boss put it directly onto the stove to heat it up. a few minutes later she went to check on it and heard a loud pop. assuming it was the stove that had made the noise, she turned off the burner and proceeded to remove the pot. the pop had in fact been the ceramic liner cracking all the way around the bottom. she lifted it up, spilling two gallons of baked potato soup all over the stove and floor. that was fun to clean up. while all this was going on, i was up front, swamped with customers and trying to prepare two dozen assorted wraps for an order. throughout the rest of the day, my boss and i were perpetually slopping and slipping stuff all over the store and ourselves. today was better.
i was up late last night and up at 5:30 this morning working pages to submit for allyson's circle journal group. i'm really hoping i make it in. here are pages i submitted...


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