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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

this amuses me

my buddy amanda's most recent post was as follows:

Amuse Me
This was amusing to me. Go ahead, try it out. Google the phrase "[Your name] needs" and see what comes up.

Here's what Google thinks I need.
1.Amanda needs a mom in her corner with lots of time and attention to give to her.
2. Amanda needs to be rebuilt.
3. Amanda needs operater disk ownership.
4. Amanda needs to be loved.
5. Amanda needs a small config change.
6. Amanda needs gnutar?
7. Amanda needs changes to the network services and inetd configuration files
.8. Amanda needs a break.
9. Amanda needs to go peepee.1
0. Amanda needs a serious love interest or must get involved in a serious journalistic story.

here's what my search came up with:
1. Kate needs a shave.
2.Kate needs better keyboard usability.
3. Kate needs Knits!!!
4. Kate needs a priest.
5. Kate needs to trust Angel.
6. Kate: needs to be added to default find-in-files list.
7. Kate needs to go through rehab.
8. Kate needs to smarten up a bit, Kate needs help.
9. Kate needs to be able to reload a file.
10. Kate needs to be Hooked Up!

it's kinda weird the things that you can come up with with random googling...


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