K is for Kiddo

Friday, November 25, 2005

I'M AN AUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i'm an aunt. my sister, deb, had her baby wednesday @ 8:25 am. she was 6 lbs, 3 oz. Phoenix June van der Hout (what a name!!!). isn't she adorable. she looks so much like her dad.

dan & i spent thanksgiving at my folks' this year. ian was unable to attend due to a case of the flu (poor guy). jack & josie & bixby (their dog) were there. we had so much fun. i ate myself silly on turkey & pumpkin pie. after dinner we played a game of trivial pursuit dvd pop culture. that took about 3 hrs. it was hard. but surprise surprise, jack & josie won. then we played a couple games of the new cranium turbo. now THAT was fun. i think i may talk dan into buying that one eventually. jack & josie won the first game. the second game, dan & i managed to squeeze in a win. i haven't had that fun of a thanksgiving in a long long time. i'm looking forward to two yrs from now (next year's at the inlaws).

yay turkey!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

letters from spud

riley's started emailing me now, it's kinda funny. she's only 9 months so of course none of makes any sense, but it's still kinda cool. it's usually something all the lines of a;lsad ;lkjeoribh rpoiunn w bbbbb 09u34 b j wslglkjhjs and so on and so forth. i can't wait to see my spud. she's getting so big and into so much trouble, her mother tells me. dan & shawn have offered to watch riles on saturday night so mary & i can go out. we got us some great guys.
well, i'm tired and need to get some sleep so i can get my sleep cycle back on track to get up early on friday. oh joy.

harry potter!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 14, 2005

dan's blankie

ok, so dan is totally in love with his comforter that he's had since he started college. it's completely broken in & super soft. but something really crazy happenend last night.
well, first i have to mention that we had stayed at my folks for the weekend. mom spoiled us & made steak, hamburgers, & mashed potatoes for dinner last night. after dinner, we hung out, watched simpsons & family guy, then drove home. when dan & i got ready for bed, i grabbed his blanket & immediately noticed that something was different. all excited, i turned to dan & said, "dan, check this out...your blanket smells like steak!!!" dan leaned over, sniffed, & sure enough, i wasn't imagining things, his blanket did indeed smell like steak.
i know this may seem like a ridiculous thing to get me excited, but it was cool. i'd never come across a blanket that smelled like steak! anyhoo, that's really the only cool thing i have to talk about today.
and to my aunt linda, i hope you feel better!

Thursday, November 10, 2005


i am on a major harry potter kick right now. i'm turning into what is commonly known as a fanatic. i visit mugglenet on a daily basis. i can't help it...i'm hooked. i know i'm acting like an obsessive teenage girl, but i just love this series so much. mugglenet has all kinds of stuff...games, behind-the-scenes stuff, pictures, desktop wallpapers, editorials, trivia, & stuff from the books/movies you may have missed. i'm currently in the middle of reading book 6 (half-blood prince). but i'm really getting antsy with goblet of fire just a week away!!! i can't take it!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

super spud!!!! Posted by Picasa

goblet of fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well, i know i haven't posted for a while. i'm trying to think of anything cool that's happened...hmmmm...not a whole lot. the wedding photos finally came back from the photographer. they look awesome. i finished the baby abc album for my sister & future niece (she's due at the end of the month). http://www.scrapjazz.com/gallery/showgallery.php?cat=1722 anyhoo, not much has happened over the last couple weeks. dan bought us a big screen tv about a month ago. it's huge! it's a 42" song vega lcd. the picture on it is amazing. we watched the three harry potter movies on it over the weekend. hheheheheeheeheheheheh. i so cannot wait for goblet of fire to come out in a couple weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dan & i are going up to ames to see mary, shawn, riley (my spud) & see it opening night.
well, i guess that's it for now. more to come after weekend in ames (or if something actually happens between now & then).