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Monday, November 14, 2005

dan's blankie

ok, so dan is totally in love with his comforter that he's had since he started college. it's completely broken in & super soft. but something really crazy happenend last night.
well, first i have to mention that we had stayed at my folks for the weekend. mom spoiled us & made steak, hamburgers, & mashed potatoes for dinner last night. after dinner, we hung out, watched simpsons & family guy, then drove home. when dan & i got ready for bed, i grabbed his blanket & immediately noticed that something was different. all excited, i turned to dan & said, "dan, check this out...your blanket smells like steak!!!" dan leaned over, sniffed, & sure enough, i wasn't imagining things, his blanket did indeed smell like steak.
i know this may seem like a ridiculous thing to get me excited, but it was cool. i'd never come across a blanket that smelled like steak! anyhoo, that's really the only cool thing i have to talk about today.
and to my aunt linda, i hope you feel better!


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