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Friday, November 25, 2005

I'M AN AUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i'm an aunt. my sister, deb, had her baby wednesday @ 8:25 am. she was 6 lbs, 3 oz. Phoenix June van der Hout (what a name!!!). isn't she adorable. she looks so much like her dad.

dan & i spent thanksgiving at my folks' this year. ian was unable to attend due to a case of the flu (poor guy). jack & josie & bixby (their dog) were there. we had so much fun. i ate myself silly on turkey & pumpkin pie. after dinner we played a game of trivial pursuit dvd pop culture. that took about 3 hrs. it was hard. but surprise surprise, jack & josie won. then we played a couple games of the new cranium turbo. now THAT was fun. i think i may talk dan into buying that one eventually. jack & josie won the first game. the second game, dan & i managed to squeeze in a win. i haven't had that fun of a thanksgiving in a long long time. i'm looking forward to two yrs from now (next year's at the inlaws).

yay turkey!!!!!!!!!!


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