K is for Kiddo

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

letters from spud

riley's started emailing me now, it's kinda funny. she's only 9 months so of course none of makes any sense, but it's still kinda cool. it's usually something all the lines of a;lsad ;lkjeoribh rpoiunn w bbbbb 09u34 b j wslglkjhjs and so on and so forth. i can't wait to see my spud. she's getting so big and into so much trouble, her mother tells me. dan & shawn have offered to watch riles on saturday night so mary & i can go out. we got us some great guys.
well, i'm tired and need to get some sleep so i can get my sleep cycle back on track to get up early on friday. oh joy.

harry potter!!!!!!!!!!!!


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