K is for Kiddo

Monday, January 16, 2006


craziest day ever today...
dan wakes me up at about 5:50 am saying he can't find his wallet. we search the apt but don't find it, so i drive him to work. i then spend the whole day turning the apt inside-out, upside-down, & backwards looking for this wallet. i start panicing cuz the last place we saw it was when we were at the target in burlington on saturday. so i call around to the target & mall we went to...no luck. i pick up dan from work, we go & get him a new id at the courthouse, call & cancel all his credit cards & buy him a new wallet. about 6:15 tonight, dan goes to get into the tub & grabs one of his seasons of star trek...out falls the wallet!! after all that, the thing was right in front of our faces all day, just not in any place we looked, of course! we'll be getting new cards in a couple days. now we can both relax & breathe finally. craziness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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